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PATCA is Silicon Valley’s longest operating non-profit professional association dedicated to serving independent consultants and the client companies that use them.  We set the quality standard for the consulting industry by requiring that all members pass a rigorous qualification process and adhere to a strict code of ethics. PATCA offers a free Post-a-Project referral service giving clients direct access to a network of the highest caliber management and technical consultants. We represent many areas of expertise in a broad array of disciplines, from biotech to marketing, human resources to engineering, software, firmware, and hardware design to cloud computing.  Serving the San Francisco California Bay Area and beyond.

Featured Consultant

joel williams

Joel Williams is an embedded Linux, networking and wireless consultant, and expert witness. His clients range from large corporations to start-ups.  He is a past president of PATCA and leads monthly lunch meet-ups. He has been active in the consulting community and benefits from networking with other PATCA members for help on his projects and networking for consulting opportunities.

Recently, Joel gave a talk on “What Engineers Need to Know About Patents” at a monthly dinner meeting.  


How does PATCA help businesses Get the Expert Edge?

Here is what our clients say:  “I was able to fill a key position on our team for a difficult project”,  “great Bay Area resource for consultants”,  “Once I know (a consultant) is in PATCA, they are 60 yards down the field already…”,  “…inspired confidence”,  “…more credibility”, “I have been turning to PATCA for consulting help for years…”
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